Monday, 3 January 2011

Colouring in...not the Sex in the City kind

The kids kind!!

I am a HUGE advocate for colouring in, whether you are 5 or 50 or anything in between or above, it is the best way to relax and de-stress! I used to work in a pretty stressy job dealing with benefits & would always have a colouring in book and a pack of pens out on my desk so i could colour in between calls. It kept me sane (ish) for the 4 and a bit years I worked there and would recommend it to anyone. Since Christmas I've given out 4 sets of books and pens and not one person has been disappointed. This year i gifted myself 2 new books & new pack of pens & find time each day (usually just before bed) to do a bit of scribbling!

You may think it's a bit bonkers, but give it a try...i assure you, you will love it!

K xox

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  1. Kate - I have one of these books lying around ... I just don't have the time ... do you want it? It's literally just sitting there doing nothing and I'd be happy for it to go to a good home!