Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New Start

I’ve had this blog since 2009 but only posted very very sporadically. I’m not sure if it was just sheer laziness or just down to the fact not a whole lot ever happens in my life? Either way, my last post was made in May i decided to clear whatever i did have, ready to start again in 2011.

I’m aware that there are many people out there who think that making New Year resolutions is a big ol’ waste of time, and if i’m honest I do as well because i know i never keep the damn things going...but every year without fail, i sit down with my colourful fine liner & a sparkly new page in my new notebook and write a neat list of things i want to achieve in the current year. This year is no different, so here are the resolutions i’m probably not going to keep...

1. Save money & pay off debts

Save £100 of student loan each month and use another £100 to pay of 2 remaining bills. I know it would probably make sense to put the whole amount towards the bills...but i’m a student & i have the summer holidays coming up so will need money for then as at the moment i’m unable to work.

2. Don’t buy any new clothes or shoes/bags unless needed.

This is going to be a tough one. I’m TERRIBLE for just buying random items of clothing that i really don’t need. I’m going to allow myself to buy a new pair of jeans & a new pair of boots first & then the ban begins. I also really need to have a major clear out of clothes & immediately get rid of anything i don’t want or need rather than having a 2ft tower of “Thing’s i’m going to ebay” because lets face’ll never do it and ebaying is just a bloody hassle!

3. Get Crafty!

This year i intend to learn to crochet (I even bought a book! The Happy Hooker, which is about crocheting rather than jolly prostitutes, much to my brother’s disappointment...) I’ve always wanted a huge colourful granny square blanket so that’s my aim for this year. In the past i’ve also dabbled a bit in jewellery making, so i might get back into that too. It’s always been an aim of mine to have a craft stall at one of those country fairs....maybe one of these years i’ll get my act together

4. Learn to drive.

As it says on the tin.... I’ve never had any inclination to learn to drive, i don’t really pay attention to the road when i am in a car & don’t know where anything is. Up until recently i only knew the roads of Dundee by what shops are on them. But I think I need to learn for my career....can’t really take a huge kit on the bus can I?

5. See more of the UK.

I’ve lived in Scotland all of my life but have never seen a highland glen. That is a very sad thing. This year i want to travel a bit more, see some historical sites such as Culloden and Edinburgh Castle and venture down south to see the sites there.

So there we have it. New Year resolutions that i more than likely won’t keep....and my first post of the new year!

K xox


  1. This is for you:

  2. I love that!! I actually named my blog after this - but i *really* like Earth Kitt's one too :) Thank you for sharing :) xxx