Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nails of the Week

Bit late posting this one seeing as it's bloody Thursday, but here's my nails for this week!

Base - CND Super Sticky x1

Polish - China Glaze Drummer Boy x1 (2010 winter collection) Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe x3 (2010 Fall Collection)

Top - CND Super Shiny x2

Pretty pretty!

I didn't think Deborah Lippmann polishes were available in the UK until i found a very small concession stand in Jenner's when i was in Edinburgh this past weekend. At that point i did a great big whopping dance of joy! Any swatches i've seen of her polishes (particularly Happy Birthday & Ruby Red Slippers) have always looked completely spectacular! But having bought & tried out one of the polishes i've come to this conclusion...every blogger who's posted swatches of her polishes must have poured a big dod of polish out onto something plasticky & then picked up individual hexagonal sparkles & placed each one neatly on the nail because there is no way in hell you would get that kind over coverage from 3 coats of polish. Nor would they get that depth of colour without using a dark base coat, it's impossible, without applying 6 coats that is!

That said it is a lovely polish & i'm glad i bought it. It applies really well, if a bit faffy & has a nice even finish, but right now, i'm craving nice creamy finishes. I'm getting a little bit fed up of the glitter/nail art overload that's been seen recently & can't wait for the Spring 2011 range from China Glaze - Anchors Away!!

K xox

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